Solidium MDF And Machined Components

A Superior Choice For Consistency And Value

Solidium MDF In Production


Solidium MDF is made almost entirely from Southern Pine fiber to provide the ideal consistency for a premium product ... more

Sustainable Use of Wood Fiber, ECO-CERTIFIED

Whenever the part or product you’re manufacturing requires significant machining or shaping, Solidium MDF from Del-Tin Fiber is a solid selection to meet a wide range of performance and productivity requirements. That’s because Solidium MDF is not only the brand name of our highest-volume, individual product specification, it’s also the name of our entire MDF product line. Here’s a quick summary of some of the properties shared by every Solidium panel and the unique features that give each variation its special value.

Basic Characteristics BENEFITS IN COMMON

Every Solidium panel is made almost exclusively of Southern Pine wood fiber which contributes to the high, internal bond strength and superior machinability of the product line as a whole. In addition, every board shares a well-proven and continuously monitored manufacturing process that maintains Solidium consistency and quality at the level you expect, order after order. Lastly, Solidium is produced, sold and supported by a team of dedicated professionals who understand the needs of manufacturers and how to supply material solutions optimized for their operation’s success.

Unique Strengths CAPABILITIES

The greatest value of the Solidium product line, however, just might be its specialization. Thanks to a carefully engineered combination of physical properties, Del-Tin Fiber can offer you a mix of products to effectively meet your specific production performance requirements. Solidium product variations and their unique capabilities include:


Maximum Machinability - This is our smoothest, most consistent panel. Its uniform density makes it the perfect choice for the critical routing and shaping requirements of applications like RTA furniture and cabinet doors ... more


Long-Run Productivity - This is our highest volume, most popular panel. Formulated for broad, general application and maximum productivity, this panel machines and finishes beautifully. High stocking levels also make it an exceptional value ... more


Lightweight Performance - This product can be up to 15% lighter than standard MDF boards. Ideal for non-load-bearing trim and components, it provides the surface smoothness and machining characteristics needed for outstanding results consistently ... more


Moisture Resistance - This panel is designed for improved dimensional stability and reduced thickness swell when exposed to moisture. It is especially valuable in applications where joints, seams and potential surface wear and damage may allow moisture penetration ... more


Low Formaldehyde Emissions - This product is manufactured with no added formaldehyde. It delivers excellent machining and finishing performance demanded for furniture, flooring, and cabinets produced for environments with very restrictive emissions requirements ... more


Moisture Resistance and Low Emissions - This panel combines dimensional stability and reduced thickness swell when wet with an NAF resin to minimize emissions in a product that machines and finishes like our most popular board ... more

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